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May 17, 2012

Los Angeles Real Estate Mystery Solved

by terresteinbeck RODEO REALTY

It lies on the northeast corner of Robertson and Cadillac – a simple vacant lot. But for months, this Plain Jane parcel of dirt and weeds was shrouded in mystery. Something was slated to be built there. But what? An apartment building? A gas station? The world’s smallest pineapple plantation? The rumors proliferated, spreading like wildfire to every corner of the neighborhood. One of the more popular notions was that a 7-11 convenience store would be gracing the mystery lot. Tempers began boiling.

I couldn’t resist. “E-nuff with the rumors already,” I resolved at last.  “This insatiably curious Beverly Hills Realtor is shifting into investigative reporter mode and unlocking the answer to this enigma.”

I plunged right into a grueling online search, digging up clues and uncovering facts until I finally located the name and digits of the lot’s owner. I called him and held my breath.

“How in the *** did you find me?” he snarled, then brusquely confirmed that a 7-11 indeed would be occupying the mystery lot. Before I could get at least one of my two cents in, he hung up. Not a happy camper.

Well, at least my investigation uncovered the truth. But it wasn’t welcome news. I mean, going into this neighborhood already well-stocked with marijuana cooperatives was one of the world’s most popular dispensaries of alcoholic beverages. I sighed. Stoned and drunk is a great combination that no doubt would enhance the safety and property values of this community.

Now I can hear some of you wise in the ways of liquor licenses saying, “Just because they can sell liquor, doesn’t mean they will.” Let’s see a show of hands – who thinks management will hold back on selling an immensely popular item with a sky-high profit margin?

A backlash already is spreading through the community. And I’m with them all the way. A 7-11 is definitely a bad idea, and I think the owner’s efforts should be blocked. What do you think? 7-11 or no 7-11. Fire off your comments in the space provided. The juicier, the better.

Now if you’ll excuse me, this meek and mild realtor-roving reporter must get back to all her Beverly Hills homes for sale. But stay on the lookout for updates on the Great Mystery Lot Controversy in upcoming installments.  Ciao!

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