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May 28, 2012

Deciphering Los Angeles

by terresteinbeck RODEO REALTY

Prospective clients hailing from places like New York and Pennsylvania continue to hurl the same questions at me – “Where’s the L.A. city center?  The downtown district?”  etc.   Invariably, I flash them a knowing grin and fire back with my in-depth explanation – “Well, it all depends.”

That’s not an evasion. It’s the unvarnished truth. L.A. is nothing like my native New York, a stretch of real estate neatly divided into three, easy-to-reach areas — lower Manhattan, midtown, and upper. It all flows into one another in a miracle of urban planning.

Los Angeles must have been designed by chefs instead of urban planners. This mega-metropolis is one gigantic tossed salad consisting of a jumble of geographical ingredients. The City of Angels definitely is where you’ll see it all — pristine suburbs tucked away within the sprawling city; Downtown L.A. overgrown with skyscrapers, cheap jobbers, lofts, etc.; the bustling community of Beverly Hills-Century City; and the San Fernando Valley, it’s own little city featuring not one but two possible city centers — Van Nuys or Encino.  It all depends on your outlook.

And of course, you’ve got the entire Westside, which spans downtown to the beach and boasts four major centers, each with its own character: The Miracle Mile/Grove/Hancock Park flush with museums and cultural heritage ; Beverly Hills-Century City, the ultimate shopper’s paradise; Brentwood (a.k.a. Mayberry West); and Santa Monica, offering a rare blend of questionable 50’s-60’s architecture and perfect weather.

Sure, it’s a hodgepodge that takes a little getting used to. But you have to look on the sunny side – there’s definitely something here for everyone. And I mean EVERY one! All you have to do is find the community that matches your lifestyle. It’s here.

And I’ll help you find it. As an experienced Beverly Hills realtor, I’ve deciphered the L.A. code and now can find anything, anywhere, any time. It’s all here on my radar. Contact me today to find out where YOU belong.

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