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August 22, 2012

Free Your Real Estate Business from Tech Tyranny

by terresteinbeck RODEO REALTY

By now you’re plugged miles-deep into our fast-paced, nanosecond-by-nanosecond high tech universe. Facebook, smart phones, notebooks, emails, and gadgets galore have you and your business inextricably linked to every known region of the galaxy — and quite possibly beyond. Pure bliss, right? Then why do I see that look of utter dismay on so many of your faces. My guess is that, at least some of the time, you feel lost in a high tech jungle.

Now don’t get me wrong. This Beverly Hills realtor takes full advantage of our current bounty of social media, web channels, gadgets, gizmos, and gigabytes. But I also think it’s time to sprinkle a little bit of the old school into the electronic soup. In other words, free yourselves from the tyranny of technology.

When was the last time, dare I say it, you canvassed a community? Sure this foot-pounding process gobbles up far more time than whisking through cyberspace. But a face-to-face encounter with a prospect still creates the kind of warm, friendly connection that no amount of e-communications can possibly hope to match.

A less direct but still effective approach is good ol’ snail mail. Yes, snail mail. Now I’m not recommending limiting yourself to snappy postcards announcing the latest listings. A far more effective utilization of low-tech is hitting prospects with hand-addressed envelopes. Statistics show that these are much more likely to get opened than less personal mailings. And very few of them wind up in spam folders.

Just a few suggestions from a believer in a balanced approach to business marketing.

If you’d like more info about harnessing the power of no-tech to energize your business, feel free to reach out to me.  Or just fire your questions or comments into the box below. There’s always a vacancy.

And, of course, if you want to be connected to the latest info and opportunities in the Beverly Hills real estate market, I’m ready to make it happen.  Call or email today.

Back soon.

Terre Steinbeck

(310) 666-4094  DIRECT

(310) 724-7100   OFFICE

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