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Organize, organize, organize!!



Organize, organize, organize


5 Money-Saving Storage Solutions
to Help Make Your Home Happier

Your home is the heart of your family’s happiness and well-being. As a homemaker, you know
how important it is to help your family feel comfortable inside your home, but did you know
that clutter can be a source of stress for you and your family? Getting your home organized is a
simple way to bring peace to your family’s life, but what can you do when your house is small or
doesn’t have enough storage? With a little creativity and some easy savings, you can streamline
the space in your home without straining your budget.
Start with Your Entryway
The entrance to your home is the first thing people see when they walk through the door. It
greets your kids after school and your husband after a busy day at work. If your entryway is a
mess, it could be setting a tone that makes it harder for your family to relax and spend quality
time together after long, draining days. Perk up your entryway with some furniture that helps
keep it tidy, while making your mornings easier too. Walmart, for example, has benches, tables,

and cabinets that can help wrangle shoes, scarves, keys, and coats as your family walks in and
out of your home.
Streamline Your Kitchen
Not having enough cabinets in your kitchen can make preparing meals for your family a bit of a
struggle. However, even without a lot of storage space, you can keep dishes, food, and pans
organized with stylish storage solutions from stores like Bed Bath & Beyond. You can save
money by using Bed Bath & Beyond promo codes and coupons. Kitchen carts make for mobile
and efficient storage in small homes, and you can use them in so many ways. Be sure to grab
some jars and canisters too, to help food stay fresh and make meal prep less of a hassle.
Create Space Under Furniture
If you’re a bit handy, you can easily make some space under furniture. Start by heading over to
your favorite home improvement store to pick up some basic supplies. Big retailers like Ace
Hardware frequently offer online coupons. Once you’ve added some legs to your furniture, you
can slide baskets, bins, and other storage options right underneath, making the most of your
Build Storage Into Your Walls
Now that you’ve got out your tools, don’t stop with adding room under furniture. Built-in
shelves and cabinets are a beautiful way to add some storage and unique style to the rooms in
your home. If you are fairly skilled with tools and carpentry this is a job you can easily DIY, to
save some money. Once you have your shelves built, use online discounts from stores like
Hobby Lobby to add some bits of decor. You can fill built-in cabinets and shelves with books,
movies, or even electronics to organize and improve your home.
Get Your Garage Organized
If you’re like most American families, your garage is stacked with an endless amount of
Christmas decorations, tools, and sports equipment. You can tackle that mess by picking up
some plastic containers, boxes, and shelves from The Container Store and then getting to work
turning your messy garage into an organized dream. Before you shop, be sure to look for ways
you can save money. There are tons of discount codes and coupons online to help put more
money back into your bank account.
By utilizing online savings, cashback offers, and promo codes, it’s easy to add the storage your
home needs without sacrificing your hard-earned savings. Get your home organized so your
family can enjoy more quality time together in it.
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233 acres in prime OJAI!!

233 Acres in Prime Ojai!


My son’s wedding – Ahhh


Economic update for the week ending June 24, 2017

Stocks stable again this week – Hovering just above and below their all time highs stocks ended the week pretty much unchanged for the third straight week. Energy stocks dropped as the price of oil plummeted to just under $43 per barrel, an 18 month low. Financial stocks rose after the Federal Reserve announced that all banks passed their annual stress test.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended the week at 21,394.76, up slightly from 21,384.28 last week. The S&P 500 closed the week at 2,438.30, just above its close last week of 2,433.15. The NASDAQ closed the week  at 6,265.25, up from last week’s close of 6,151.76. 

Bond yields – The 10-year Treasury bond closed the week at 2.15%, almost unchanged from 2.16% last week. The 30-year treasury yield ended the week at 2.71% down from 2.78% last week. Mortgage rates follow treasury bond yields so we watch bond yields carefully.

Mortgage Rates remain at lowest levels of the year – The June 22, 2017 Freddie Mac Primary Mortgage Survey reported that the 30 year fixed mortgage rate average was 3.90%, almost unchanged from 3.91% last week.  The 15 year fixed was 3.17%, almost unchanged from 3.18% last week.  The 5-year ARM was 3.14%, also unchanged from 3.15% last week. 
California existing home sales numbers and prices accelerate in May – After a disappointing April, existing home sales bounced back in May. On a seasonally adjusted annualized rate single family existing home sales totaled 430,460 in May. That was a 5.4% increase from April and a 2.6% increase from last May. The statewide median price paid for a home was $550,200, up 2.3% from April and up 5.8% from May 2016.
At a regional level the Los Angeles metro region had a 6.9% increase in sales. Existing home sales include all detached and attached homes which include single family, town-homes, condominiums, and co-ops.
C.A.R.’s Unsold Inventory Index fell from 3.3 months in April to 2.9 months in May. The index measures the number of months needed to sell the supply of homes on the market. The index stood at 3.4 months in May 2016.
With home inventory at record low levels prices will continue to rise. When you have more buyers than sellers that is what happens. Earlier in the year I predicted a 10% rise in the median price. I believe we are on track for that. The number of sales at 430,000, which would be much higher if more sellers listed, is the highest level in many years. Many sellers worry that they will not find anything to buy after they sell. With 430,000 sales in California there are plenty of homes selling. Unfortunately, as buyers they just need to act fast and chose from fewer homes. We can’t have it both ways. If homes sat on the market and were difficult to sell there would be plenty of homes to chose from when their home sold. In this market where homes are selling there are fewer homes to chose from and they need to act fast. Every buyer wishes, or should wish, that they bought a home they passed on just months ago as those homes are much more expensive now. So many of our clients have been “priced out” of neighborhoods they were able to afford just months ago. Especially people that hoped to “move up” to a more expensive home.
Have a great weekend!

Beverlywood, Los Angeles – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

via Beverlywood, Los Angeles – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Seduce Buyers with Savvy Staging – II

As promised, here’s a sequel to my previous article about home staging. Coupled with the earlier tips, this new set of ideas definitely will pump up the sales appeal of your beautiful L.A. home. Absorb these pearls of wisdom, then implement them full force. You’ll be amazed at their selling power.

Go Deep – You want your home looking spotless. Why? Because prospective buyers do. So gather up your vast collection cleaning supplies cloths, cleansers, brushes – all of it. Now rub, wipe, rinse, and scrub everything from floors to fridge until the place shines. Believe me, it’ll make a huge difference.

Remember the Little Things – Believe it or not, buyers are a picky bunch. And they’ll notice all the little things about your home. All those tiny details might not be grabbing your attention, but they’ll be on buyer radar the second they waltz through the door…maybe before. This means, you need to get busy and conceal scratches and nicks with touch-up paint, plaster up those unsightly holes, and shine up all the beautiful brass doorknobs.

Cabinetry Counts – Polish the wood and wipe the glass clean until it gleams. Then add some pizzazz with eye-catching pulls and handles. Appliances should get the same VIP treatment.

Well, that should get you further along down the road to staging success. Even more about staging your L.A. home for sale in future installments. In the meantime, if you have any questions or thoughts on the topic, be sure to send them my way. The comment box is now open.

And, of course, if you want to be connected to the latest info and opportunities in the Beverly Hills real estate market, I’m ready to make it happen.  Call or email today.

Back soon.

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Show Termites the Door…Before They Eat It

If you’re a resident of So Cal, your home likely will have two things: a mortgage and termites. One won’t go away until you pay it off. You can’t pay termites off. At least, nobody has been able to discover their price. But there are ways to keep them from establishing a beachhead in your beautiful L.A. home.

Now don’t go saying you ain’t got none of the little freeloaders. Even if the swarm has yet to pitch their tents, they’ll soon be taking up residence, munching 2×4’s and 2×6’s round the clock. Yes, the mighty mites are on lunch break 24/7. Must have some union.

Five Ways to Keep Termites from Trespassing

Be Warned. For a few hundred greenbacks, you can pick up a termite monitoring system that will warn you about uninvited guests.

Put Up Barriers.  Termite Barriers come in three forms — chemical, physical, and biological.  Any one of these measures will discourage even the heartiest of the breed from entering your premises. “Big deal,” they’ll smirk.  “Plenty of oak next door. Now start flapping them wings.”

Minimize Contact. Wood siding, latticework, door and window frames, and similar structures should be a minimum of six inches above ground. Ground to wood contact is a convenient bridge into your home. You might as well roll out a little red carpet, too.

Keep it Dry.  Termites are fools for dampness. Therefore, make sure there’s no accumulated moisture near your home’s foundation. Gutters, downspouts, and splash blocks are all great at keeping the water – and termites – away.

Don’t Encourage.  You already know what’s on the termite menu. So don’t offer them a banquet by storing lumber, firewood, or other types of wood near your home’s foundation or crawlspace.

If you’d like more info about keeping your home termite-free, feel free to bug me.  Or just fire your questions or comments into the box below. There’s plenty of space.

And, of course, if you want to be connected to the latest info and opportunities in the Beverly Hills real estate market, I’m ready to make it happen.  Call or email today.

Back soon.

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Seduce Buyers with Savvy Staging

Your L.A. home is perfectly priced. All systems go. It’s flying off the shelf into the hands of some eager buyer. Guess again. Quick sales take more than juicy prices in today’s market. Your place has to stand out from the crowd. And that, my friends, takes staging.

This quick-step guide offers you some of the basics. The rest is up to you. You can put this wise counsel into practice. Or watch in frustration as all the well-staged homes within a ten mile radius leave yours in the dust.

Depersonalize – Yes, yes, you absolutely adore your home. Who doesn’t? (Well, I can think of a few.) At any rate, if you’re selling your home, stop thinking of it as your home. It’s their home. Whoever their turns out to be. So depersonalize with extreme prejudice. This means, lose all the stuff that screams YOU. You know, photos of the family picnic, Timmy’s graduation, dog’s first furball. It’s all gotta go, go, go.

De-Clutter – A close relative of depersonalizing. But don’t stress. There’s a place on Ebay for all those little knick-knacks loaded onto your overburdened shelves. You’ll also want to remove carelessly discarded items such as the high-fashion roller blades you flung across the room. Even closets need that clean, clear look. So extract all those dusty garments you haven’t worn since Clinton sat in the oval office.

Neutralize – Your idea of the perfect interior color scheme might be fluorescent green walls with a light peach trim. But, as hard as this is to believe, prospective buyers might have different preferences. Heighten the appeal of your L.A. home by painting it in soothing, neutral shades such as beige. And save the fluorescent green for your Beamer.

Well, that should get you started. More on staging your L.A. home for sale in future installments. In the meantime, if you have any questions or thoughts on the topic, be sure to send them my way. The comment box is now open.

Back soon.

Terre Steinbeck

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