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January 23, 2013

Star in Your Own Home Buyer Drama

by terresteinbeck RODEO REALTY

You say there isn’t enough drama in the home buying process? You crave more anxiety as you scour the city for a home? Well, this is your lucky day, my friends. Because I’m going to unveil a selection of surefire ways to make home buying a whole heck of a lot more stressful. I mean, why feel comfortable making a life choice even more important than shoe color selection? Believe me, comfort is way, way overrated. So let’s get to it. Here’s how to star in a home buyer drama packed with unrelenting tension.

Ignore Your Credit Score. Don’t bother checking your FICO before going on a house hunt. Such advance info could leave you prepared for an encounter with the bank. And readiness is a guaranteed anxiety reducer. It’s far more stressful to be surprised when the bank reveals a score that’s lower than expected. If fortune really is smiling on you, your report also will be blemished by those little errors that creditors have been known to make. All these negatives add up to only one thing – an interest rate higher than the moon. A guaranteed stress-booster if ever there was one.

Count on Luck. Experts recommend setting aside anywhere from 3-5 months worth of mortgage payments — beyond what you’re shelling out for a down. But such far-sighted preparation offers you excessive comfort. It’s much more stressful to throw caution to the wind and count on a steady income in a still-unsteady economy.

Don’t Bother Purchasing a Home You Like. Who gives a hoot if quick sales are all but ancient history? You don’t have to be realistic because you’ve got a hankering for major stress. Fortunately, you’re convinced that, for some unknown reason, the home you buy will fly off the shelf the second you plant the ‘For Sale’ sign. Therefore, whatever you do, don’t waste time shopping for a home that you and your family will love in the long term. There’s too great a risk of happiness and contentment. A far more reliable route is snapping up any ol’ home, which you’ll likely be stuck in far longer than expected.

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